Join us for a day outside with llamas at Hády quarry. Photo: Lama centrum Brno

Join us and our wonderful assistant and guide Agnieszka for a friendly visit at the famous Brno Llama Centre and explore the beauty of protected flowers and species in the former Hády quarry in Brno – Líšeň.

We will enjoy a tour in English, discovering the various rare flowers that grow in the vicinity through Agi’s expert commentary, learn about the life of the local llamas, goats and sheep, have a picnic near their pasture (leaving the hay to the animals) and optionally try out a unique geological barefoot trail or follow an interesting educational route past lakes and through the reeds. This event is another in our series of weekend trips when the Brno Expat Centre tries to take foreigners out of the city and safely into nature. We have already visited forests in the north of Brno with a trained psychologist as a guide to take away most of the calming effect of the woods. Now – the time comes for llamas!

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně

June Marked by Coffee and Ice Cream

For several years now Brno has been famed for its perfect café infrastructure, it is not called the Czech Mecca of coffee for nothing. Everyone can find their perfect cup of coffee here with possibilities ranging from roaster shops to espresso bars and even a coffee festival. However, the cafés are being rivalled by ice cream parlours, which can now be found on almost every corner.

Exciting June

Welcome to the June edition of Kam v Brně / Where in Brno. This guide to Brno in June is chock full of exciting cultural, gastronomical and free-time tips, we hardly know where to start.


The average price per square meter of a new apartment in Brno has exceeded CZK 100,000. The continuing increase in prices is due to a long-term lack of new construction, which is limited mainly by inflexible planning regulations, according to analysis from the Trikaya real estate group.

Giant Map of Brno

Now, everything can be reached quickly from the Technical Museum in Brno. Two steps – and you’re at Špilberk Castle. Three – and you are standing at the Brno Dam. Five steps will get you to the autodrome. Another five steps, but in the opposite direction, will bring you to the Tuřany airport. All this is possible thanks to the Giant Map of Brno project.

Brno, City of Beer

Very few cities can offer such extensive beer experiences as Brno. The variety of types and brands available in local restaurants, bars, cafés, but also special beer shops allows one to travel the whole world of beer without leaving the Moravian capital. Beer world.