A great option is also the possibility of borrowing one of the shared bikes that you can come across in Brno almost anywhere. Photo: Pocket media/Ivo Dvořák

Where can you get a bike? Where can you have it repaired or adjusted? And where can you buy cycling clothes and other accessories? In our Pohyb a relax section in this WHERE in Brno issue you will find many tips on where, how and in what to ride!

Before you visit cycling e-shops or pop into bike stores, think about what type of cycling you actually want to get involved in. We assume that you probably won’t decide to play cycle ball or do artistic cycling, so most likely you will be choosing between road and off-road biking. While on the road your biggest motivation will be the speed and time it will take you to travel a certain distance, in the mountains it will be trails of various difficulties, uneven terrain and possibly bike jump ramps. However, don’t get confused by the expression „in the mountains.“ Once you get into the local cycling bubble, you will quickly understand that our city offers countless places to enjoy off-road cycling. Whatever you decide, get some advice before buying a bike and its accessories.

The whole article is available here in Czech.

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně shop.pocketmedia.cz/predplatne

Signature jewellery is what I really like, says Jonas Novak from Gold Atelier

Signature jewellery is what I really like, says Jonas Novak from Gold Atelier

English-friendly veterinary clinic in Kralovo Pole

The Fuschia building in Kralovo Pole was built in 1936 by Bohuslav Fuchs, the legendary architect probably most responsible for the look of Brno’s inter-war period. The Fuschia building was for a long time the main administrative HQ for the company ALPA, famous across Europe for their alcohol based medicines.


Ryanair’s regular connection from Brno to London has resumed on June 4th with flights operating twice per week, on Sunday and Friday. From July, further flights have been added, as well as the connection from Brno to Milan Bergamo.

Anne Johnson wins Brno Writing Contest

Anne Johnson, a longtime force in local cultural life and a loyal supporter of the Brno Expat Centre, wins this year’s edition of the Brno Short Story Writing Contest. Congratulations, dear Anne!

Brno Legends – a colouring book published by BEC

A dragon once terrorized this city. The Swedish army attacked it. The buildings have their own stories. And famous people have experienced many legendary events. If you know where to look, Brno still has the symbols related to its history.