The wooden knight used to stand on Svobody Square, under the Protectorate it was again put on show at the New Town Hall. Photo: Brno City Museum

Brno is a city of fine art in public spaces. The theme of this issue, however, casts an eye over statues that have either disappeared from the city or never saw the light of day.

Did you know that Moravské Square featured a colossal monument to Joseph II and that some of its individual parts can now be found in the garden of the Černovice Psychiatric Hospital and Lužánky Park? Would you believe that Svobody Square was once guarded by a huge wooden Germanic knight? And what happened to the bust of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin which used to stand before the building of today’s University of Defence? In this issue you can view photos of removed German and communist statues or feast your eyes on designs that were never brought to life, such as the statue of Jošt or the Brno astronomical clock. Where is Brno, as a city of statues, heading? And which important personalities or events have not yet been artistically commemorated in the streets? Tell us your ideas on our social networks.

Filip Živný

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně

An Undiscovered Cycling Paradise? Brno!

Where can you get a bike? Where can you have it repaired or adjusted? And where can you buy cycling clothes and other accessories? In our Pohyb a relax section in this WHERE in Brno issue you will find many tips on where, how and in what to ride!

Theatre World Brno 2021 Will Take Place!

A new perspective. This is the theme of this year’s Theatre World Brno Festival, which should be held from May 20th to 25th. Having become an important international showcase of theatrical plays, the event ranks among the three largest theatre festivals in the Czech Republic.


The 2021 World Happiness Report ranks the Czech Republic as the 18th happiest country in the world, one place higher than in 2020. The country’s position in the ranking has been steadily improving since 2016, when it was ranked at 27th.

Recorded Please, Do Not Disturb

The Brno Contemporary Orchestra’s music marathon, which took place in seven empty Brno hotels over one week, can be viewed on its YouTube channel. Conducted by Pavel Šnajdr, a selection of pieces by contemporary composers was performed in uncommon places.

Fish and Sushi!

Originally established as a record store with the Cabinet of Muses club, today Kabinet Records operates as a new label focusing on the Brno music scene and offers hundreds of LPs across genres and continents. From punk to jazz.