Watch webinars regarding various aspects of your life in Brno for free. Photo: Marie Lungová

We’ve invited several experts from various fields to go online with our consultants to answer your questions regarding many aspects of your life in Brno. You can watch them anytime for free at our Facebook page.

In times when meeting in person is discouraged, we decided to give you as many chances to meet us online as possible. Watch a step-by-step guide to sort out your temporary residence; listen to an immigration lawyer speak on the matter of your residence during the pandemic; or let Don Sparling walk you through another chapter of Brno history, of Napoleon’s time in the city and the marks he’d left. We’ve also covered the alternatives to attending public offices in person – you can learn how to save time, preserve your nerves and stay safe whilst you communicate with offices online. All videos are freely accessible at any given time. If they don’t answer some of your questions, you can always contact our consultants for more information.

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně