Check our guide for answers regarding your life in Brno during the pandemic. Photo: Jiří Lubojacký

A small reminder that months back, our consultants put together the most frequently asked questions in these times and answered them in a comprehensive guide to your life in Brno during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then, we’ve been continuously updating it. You’ll find phone numbers to helplines that would reach their English-speaking operators, also direct links to important sources of information, or our recommendations to which media to follow if you want to get your news in English. Find out how you can reach the Immigration office, how the situation affects your residency, where you can get help with shopping or babysitting, etc. We also put together a list of volunteering opportunities for foreigners. We called organisations and institutions, and asked for the most direct route for expats to offer their help. Donate money, clothes, or a night in the shelter; volunteer your time or donate blood. In November, we help to organise a “carer in reserve” volunteer courses in English. If it’s possible, we’d like to repeat it – stay tuned to our website for more information.

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně