Treat Czech films as an insight into Czech culture – but do it properly. Photo: Donald Tong

Watching Czech films could prove a useful insight into Czech mentality; could be an easy way to submerge yourself into the culture of your new home. That step requires understanding, though. And understanding Czech films can sometimes prove more of a challenge than what you perhaps expected.

We offer a tip that might help: read another foreigner’s review of the film before you form your final opinion. We recommend Lee Adams’ Czech Film Review blog. He shares your point of view – an outsider’s view of Czech cinematography – but with a few more years under his belt of trying to decipher the style. His reviews might help you bridge that gap between cultural beliefs and backgrounds. Lots of his articles review Czech films that are easily available with English subtitles, some of them on streaming services, too (e.g. Netflix). You can treat his blog also as an excellent guide on where to start if you’re an absolute beginner to Czech films: there’s a lot to pick.

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně