For the culture and gastronomy of Brno the sun may be hidden for now but it will shine bright again. Photo: Pocket media/Ivo Dvořák

Earlier in the year, when the lockdown was fresh, the government supported smaller businesses and people were helping each other get through. I think it’s fair to say that now more than ever before, the lockdown is biting. Certain industries are going to be hit hard.

The music industry is particularly suffering, yes, lots of artists have slunk into their studios to create new material. BUT, without live concerts this becomes hard to maintain. Venues are going bust, skilled sound engineers and promoters are leaving the industry to find new lockdown proof jobs. Over the past 5 years or so, we’ve written with enthusiasm about the wonderful live scene that Brno has created revolving around venues like Kabinet Muz, Fleda, Sono and smaller clubs like Stara Pekarna, Bajkazyl, Vegelite, MusicLab and others. Unfortunately, they are all struggling now.
Like the music scene, Brno’s gastro scene is also under threat. From humble beginnings the gastronomic centre of Brno has really blossomed. Exciting cocktail places, exotic foods from every corner of the globe and a re-discovery of the excellence of South Moravian delicacies. These too, are under threat from ongoing lockdowns.
What can we do? In a word, support your favourite places. Check out their facebook pages and support them in their endeavours to keep going. Not all of these places use services like Wolt or Dame Jidlo, so please check their own facebook pages and websites.
Stay strong, stay safe. Remember social distancing doesn’t mean social ignoring, reach out to people online.

Robin Smith
WHERE Editorial staff

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