From 22 August 2020 at the Janáček Theatre. Photo: Marek Olbrzymek

Ferdy the Ant – work of all kinds! You will know him easily, he wears a red scarf with black dots around his neck, he hangs out with Gwendolyn and Bug Butterfingers. He is always in good mood and he knows everything.

He is the ideal hero of a children’s opera. The iconic character from picture books by Ondřej Sekora with stories from the bug world inspired the Brno composer and conductor Evžen Zámečník (1939–2018) to create, as he himself said, a game of an opera for young and old that had a very successful premiere in 1977 at the Brno Opera. At the beginning, the opera of two parts introduces to children how opera works and then the game can begin. Everyone joins Ferdy for morning exercises on a meadow where a drunk bumblebee plays for them; Ferdy helps the Cricket to repair a television so they can watch ice-hockey, Bug Butterfingers organizes a performance at the swimming pool and at the end, Ferdy flies home in a spider web airship.

From 22/10

Ferdy the Ant

Janáček Theatre

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně