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All flights from Brno-Turany Airport are cancelled for the winter season due to the coronavirus situation. Ryanair‘s connection to London is suspended until March 2021. Brno-Turany International Airport began 2020 with optimism, however, operations have been significantly affected by the coronavirus crisis.

The opening song for the latest, Mafia: Definitive Edition was recorded by Brno Philharmonic during the first wave of epidemic in Nashville, Prague, and Brno. Matt Bauer, sound director of Hangar 13, and Jesse Harlin, composer of music for the game, had to come up with a creative solution to the pandemic pitfalls of the spring to create the iconic period sound. Researchers from Brno University of Technology (VUT) have developed a new method for joint replacements. Instead of replacing the entire joint, the new surgical method will replace only the damaged part, with a custom-made piece. A computer science student from VUT has launched a website which owners can use to find their lost dogs through 15 private dog registers in the Czech Republic. Kristýna Zaklová created the website, “Komu patřím” (Who do I belong to) as a bachelor project. Brno Daily – Brno’s Online News in English at

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