10 years of taking care of expats. Photo: Brno Expat Centre

It has been 10 years since the Brno Expat Centre started helping expats settle in Brno. In 2010, the Brnopolis idea lab created the project, with financial support from the City.

Brnopolis, an NGO carrying out non-profit and apolitical activities to develop the city internationally, stands behind BEC to this day. The team now includes eight members, taking care of the needs of thousands of expats. Last year, over 2,000 foreigners addressed the team with a question regarding their life in Brno, originally from 98 different countries around the world. “We work to help foreigners find and make a new home in Brno. Our mission is also to create an open environment, enabling expats to take part in the life of the city.” Conscious of the healthy risks, we are not celebrating our anniversary with masses, but we’re still happy to have reached 10 years! We carry on our work mostly online: you can easily get in touch with our consultant through our website, or you can also visit our new offices at Orlí 3.

Brno Expat Centre

Orlí 3, Brno

Převzato z časopisu KAM v Brně shop.pocketmedia.cz/predplatne