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The number of foreigners in the city has been growing steadily, and with this in mind, Brno city councillors have approved a new Strategy for the Integration of Foreigners for 2020–2026.

The strategy aims to ensure the integration of foreigners into mainstream society, focusing on education for both children and adults, so they can become economically self-sufficient and develop neighbourly relations. The plan hopes to prevent future problems, or at least solve them in good time.
Tourist sights and attractions around Brno have had great visitor numbers, boosted by popular events such as the Brno INdustrial project, the Middle Ages festivals, the Brno Marathon of Music and the Brasil Fest, as well as the opening of Vodojem pod Žlutým kopcem.
Brno residents who want to greenify the courtyards of their apartment buildings or provide ecological education, or who have ideas for enriching Brno’s river waterfronts or reusing rainwater, may be able to get financial support from the City of Brno. Applications can be submitted until October 31st, 2020.
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