Tolerant Brno: an international, safe, and cohesive city that unites us. Photo: the City of Brno

Ensure the integration of foreigners into mainstream society. Focus on educating children and adults, lead them to economic self-sufficiency, help develop neighborly relations. Prevent problems. These are the main goals of the Strategy for the Integration of Foreigners titled ‘Tolerant Brno: an international, safe, and cohesive city that unites us.’

The number of foreigners in the city has been growing steadily, and with this in mind, Brno city councilors have approved this strategy as a second city in the CR, following Prague. It’s been developed over the last three years, with the Brno Expat Centre invited to offer input, among many others. “Research shows that a well-designed integration policy minimizes risks and maximizes the benefits of migration. Although municipalities do not create a migration policy, it is a responsibility of the national government; but cities are the first to deal with the effects and consequences of immigration,” said Marek Fišer, Brno Council Member and the chair of the advisory committee.

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