Finally it’s autumn, the perfect time to indulge in a glass of red wine. Although the Czech Republic is known primarily for white wine, over the past twenty years, the country’s red wine production has grown tremendously.

With an emphasis towards crafting quality-driven red wines, producers are showcasing their terroir and personal style. This season, try the one red wine variety that is always on my radar- Svatovavřinecké. Comprising 9% of vineyard plantings, Svatovavřinecké, or Saint Laurent, remains the country’s most cultivated red grape variety. Taking its name from Saint Lawrence Day, August 10th, noted as the start of the grape’s ripening period, Saint Laurent is one of my go-to reds for fall. Saint Laurent wines exhibit fragrant aromas of red forest fruits, plums, garden herbs, and baking spices. Typically produced in a medium bodied style, the wines reveal refreshing, bright acidity and fine grained tannins. Often benefiting from extended barrel maturation in large oak casks, Saint Laurent gains a bolder tannin structure, worthy of 3–5 years of cellaring. Here in the Czech Republic, ambitious producers have dedicated themselves to producing stunning Saint Laurent that is ideal for seasonal dishes like roast goose, mushroom goulash, and roast venison. Seek out these iconic Svatovavřinecké wines from Vinné Sklepy Kutná Hora, Dva Duby, Ladislav Musil, Baraque, Špalek, Regina Coeli.

Arielle De Soucey

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