There is perhaps no other white grape variety that commands more international attention than Riesling. Originally from Germany, Riesling is often referred to as the “King of Grapes,” and is now planted in vineyards all over the world.

Adored by sommeliers, wine professionals, and consumers, Riesling is not only revered because of its vast range of flavors, but for its tremendous potential for bottle maturation. A late ripening, winter hearty variety that prefers cooler growing climates, Riesling is perfectly suited to South Moravia’s terroir, known for its limestone soils and long growing season. Currently in South Moravia, Riesling makes up approximately seven percent of vineyard plantings, and is particularly well suited to the Mikulov and Znojmo subregions. Unlike grape varieties that tend to lose acidity as they mature on the vine into autumn, Riesling maintains a high acid level well into the early winter months. This allows for a striking balance between concentrated, ripe fruit flavors and refreshing acidity. In its youth, Moravian Riesling Dailyexhibits notes of apricots, lime, and honeysuckle. However, with a few years of bottle age, Riesling’s true personality shines, boasting complex flavors of honey, ginger, beeswax, and petrol. Uncork a Riesling from one of these fantastic Moravian producers: Tanzberg Mikulov, Nešpor & Rajský, Spielberg, Balaž, Arte Vini, Piálek & Jäger.

Arielle De Soucey

Taken from the magazine WHERE in Brno →