Join other expats in a very casual tournament! Photo: Brno Expat Centre

Brno is the capital of electron microscopy. About a third of global production is manufactured here annually. Therefore, the Moravian metropolis is quite rightly called the Mecca of electron microscopy. But what do you know about microscopy? Can you tell what is in the pictures that have been magnified up to a million times?

In 1951 the first Czechoslovak electron microscope – Tesla BS 241 was made in Brno. These days almost a third of the world’s production of electron microscopes comes from this Moravian city, and nowhere else in Europe is there such a high concentration of companies involved with electron microscopes. If you had no idea up to now what a microscopic superpower your city really is or you would like to know more about this industry, be sure to visit the VIDA! Science Centre outdoor exhibition. The presentation captures the most famous and interesting features of Brno in fascinating detail and you can test yourself by seeing what enlarged objects you will be able to recognize.
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Until 30/9

VIDA! science centrum

Křížkovského 12, Brno

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