Meet the BEC team and explore their new offices. Photo: Brno Expat Centre

Although it’s been a while since the Brno Expat Centre moved offices to Orlí 3, we haven’t had a chance to celebrate and present it to you all properly (for obvious reasons…).

So now is the chance for you to check out our new premises and all they can offer: Our comfy consultation space. Our café bar. Our not-so-usual offices. Our spacious community room, available for rent to events organised by expats. Stop by to have a look, to say hello to the consultants you’ve met and get to know the rest of the team; or join in for some parts of the programme of the open door party: starting with book reading and crafts for kids in the early afternoon, through a concert of lullabies from around the world, to a short seminar “Czechs in a Nutshell” which offers an insight into Czech mentality that you might find very usual in all walks of your Czech experience. At the end of the night, we’ll be screening Postřižiny (Cutting it Short), a Czech comedy by Jiří Menzel.


Orlí 3

Taken from the magazine WHERE in Brno →