Join other expats in a very casual tournament! Photo: Brno Expat Centre

Following our tennis tournaments of the Pineapple Cup previous editions in 2013 – 2019, we invite you to the 7th edition this year. It will take place at the Kraví hora, VUT premises located on top of the hill (accessible from the terminus of tram nr. 4 or by car from Rybkova street), with 4 courts on Sunday, September 13 in the afternoon.

Do not worry, we don’t expect professional players. It will be more of a social event with lots of fun. Players of all levels are welcome. Those who won’t be currently playing tennis will be able to watch other matches from a terrace while enjoying a cold drink. Register in advance through our website, with or without having a tennis partner – we can match you up with another individual player. Please bring your own racket. We will start playing at 1.30 pm and will finish around 6 pm, awarding the winners and all participants. Then we can have a drink and some food together.


Tenis Kraví Hora – VUT Premises

Taken from the magazine WHERE in Brno →