Kamenný vrch is to offer several hundred new apartments. Photo: Brno City Hall

New quarters, development projects, modern residences, family homes… Can housing in Brno expect a bright future? How does the much-criticised process of allocating municipal apartments work and how is it going to be changed? And what is the message from people who are fed up with the system and have dealt with their housing needs in an alternative way?

The story section in this WHERE in Brno issue presents information about the housing trends and developments in the Moravian capital. There will be 350 new co-op apartments at Kamenný vrch, Špitálka will become a smart quarter, the plants of the Zbrojovka complex will be turned into offices and residential areas… On the other hand, small cottages typical for allotment gardens are giving way to wooden buildings designed for year-round living and young couples are building tiny houses on wheels. The conditions for obtaining municipal apartments are also changing, and tenants will now be able to repair them at their own expense, which will result in a significant increase of the number of housing units that can be annually made available to let in the city quarters.

Where to live in Brno?
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Welcome to April’s Kam v Brně / Where in Brno.

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Spending time in nature has been found to promote health. ‘Forest Mind’ is an innovation system of mental skills exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of forests.

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Well, this is it – My last article of ‘What I’m Drinking’ for KAM Brno. In writing this monthly column, I hope that I have been a guiding light in your Czech wine journey.

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Online Programmes Offered by Museums and Galleries

Even these days there are still several ways to enjoy art. The first one is the online collections that museums and galleries offer. So from the comfort of your own home you can admire, for example, the digitized painting Head of Medusa, which returned to the Moravian Gallery in Brno this March.