One of the flagship events in the Brno calendar is the Běh Lužankami (Lužanky Run), a 5 mile run around the park in the centre of the city. Photo: Běh Lužankami 

Onwards and upwards. March traditionally means the end of winter, the clocks go forward, we get to put summer tyres on our cars and try to remove the spare tyres from our waists. Kam v Brne / Where in Brno has a few suggestions for getting out there and making the most of the lighter evenings and the slightly warmer days. 

One of the flagship events in the Brno calendar is the Běh Lužankami (Lužanky Run), a 5 mile run around the park in the centre of the city. This year will be the 75th official running of the race, which started just after World War Two. Online registrations are open and it is usually a great day out even if you don’t run, with kids events and food and drinks available. Festivities start at 9am on the first day of Spring (20th) and the main event kicks off at 1pm.

One particular local outdoor challenge you might like to set yourself, is visiting all of Brno’s notable lookout towers and viewing points. If you head over to – you will find lots of interesting maps and guides to Brno in pdf format, including the inspiring Brno Vistas, a guide to Brno’s watchtowers and observation stations. Most of these sites are lockdown resistant, although some may be closed to the public if they are enclosed.

In terms of online concert action, I can recommend the Fakin Sessions, – the best local bands in a weekly live session that then stays up permanently on their website. South Moravian folk punk legends, Helemese, kicked things off on the 31st of December last year, but there have been many more. Coming up we can expect the exciting Janet A;  Sounds of Occupation and others. Support local music check out their fb and youtube. 

Other online options are coming up on Tuesdays from 7pm, Gallery Pomezi, – a recent addition to Brno’s art and music scene – is planning a series of online events, commented tours of exhibitions, music and dance, poetry readings (in English and Czech) and more.

Robin Smith

WHERE in Brno Editorial staff

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