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The parts of the Greater City Ring Road (VMO) Žabovřeská that were constructed in the first stages of the project are now open for the public to use. In December, the Brno city council approved the use of the sidewalks and the footbridge that runs over the road, allowing safer crossings over the four-lane road.

Last year, households in the EU spent nearly a quarter (23.5%) of their total consumption expenditure on housing (including bills).

Housing is by far the biggest expense for households across the EU, according to figures from Eurostat, the European statistical office. The highest share of expenditure on housing was in Finland (29%). The Czech Republic was placed fourth, and its former “brother state” Slovakia placed second.

Foreigners in Brno are offering their support to fight Covid-19. The Red Cross has been training volunteer nurses to support professional staff in Czech hospitals, including expats, whose language skills may prove useful in communication with medical teams from abroad. Brno Daily spoke to one of the expats generously giving their time to the program. Brno Daily – Brno’s Online News in English at

Kimberley Bingel
Brno Daily

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