Are you feeling “under the dog” as we say in Czech? Hopefully WHERE in Brno content will cheer you up. Photo: Pocket media/Ivo Dvořák

Welcome to December 2020’s edition of Where in Brno/Kam v Brně. In Czech, we translate the English phrase, “to feel under the weather” as “citít se pod psa” – literally, to feel under the dog. And since the government introduced it’s new Covid-19 PES system, we are all quite literally under the dog.

Thankfully for the economy, and for the christmas spirit the markets are ON (Subject to the whims of the above-mentioned dog, of course). It’s time for a bit of seasonal cheer! So, throw some molten lead in a bucket, hunt the golden piglet and put a carp in the bath, it’s Christmas time in Brno. 

The city has prepared three variants of the Christmas markets depending on covid precautions. The tree on Namesti Svobody is up, the Ferris wheel is up on Moravske Namesti and the Halouzka wooden nativity scene is back on Dominikanske Namesti, so whatever happens the town is looking as christmassy as ever.

The traditional craft and gift stalls are open and properly distanced from each other. Social distancing and 2 metre gaps will be observed, which might actually be an improvement on the scrum that the markets can sometimes become. So, you’ll be able to do your christmas shopping outdoors with a bit more calm than in previous years.

If you want more information on this you can follow the city’s special christmas facebook page, For information on the latest PES level and the restrictions in place, check out

Like the music scene, Brno’s gastro scene is also under threat. From humble beginnings the gastronomic centre of Brno has really blossomed. Exciting cocktail places, exotic foods from every corner of the globe and a re-discovery of the excellence of South Moravian delicacies. These too, are under threat from ongoing lockdowns. What can we do? In a word, support your favourite places. Check out their facebook pages and support them in their endeavours to keep going. Not all of these places use services like Wolt or Dame Jidlo, so please check their own facebook pages and websites. Stay strong, stay safe. Remember social distancing doesn’t mean social ignoring, reach out to people online.

Robin Smith
WHERE Editorial staff

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