The music for the ballet is taken from Beethoven’s symphonies. Photo: Pavel Hejný

For the 250th anniversary of the musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven Ballet of the National Theatre Brno, in cooperation with the Janáček Opera, is preparing the joint premiere of a unique ballet project Beethoven.

The reason for performing this original work is not only inspiration from this major anniversary, but mainly the artistic attractiveness of Beethoven’s great and exceptional character, his difficult life and brilliant work. Beethoven had a difficult life, practically from childhood crushed by his despotic father and the ensuing health problems culminating in complete deafness – which for another composer would probably have been the end, but not for Beethoven. We can hardly conceive of the scope of his oeuvre, created despite a complete handicap and its incredibly deep and inspirational value. The music for the ballet is taken from his symphonies, where a special position is given to the 9th Symphony with Schiller’s Ode to Joy. Premiere 13th November 2020, Janáček Theatre.


13/11 premiere


Janáček Theatre

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