Photo: Museum of Romani culture

Museum of Romani culture is newly open to its visitors throughout Saturdays and twice a day, kids and parents who like to explore and create togehter are welcomed to come to a special Program for families with children.

Fun and educational program starts at ten and two o´clock and it is suitable for children from preschool age. We acquiant children with four elements, water, earth, wind and fire as well as how they manifest themselves in Romani culture. You are going to complete the searching tasks in our permanent exhibition The Story of Roma. Each program also includes a thematic art workshop, from which you can take home your piece of art. The hour and half long program will end up with Romani grandmother and traditional storytelling of a fairytale. In a museum shop you can buy a beautiful handmade dolls by Romani artist Veronika Kačo, books and other presents, while your children will play with a meter and half high wooden ball machine by Romani carver Matěj Holub. 


Museum of Romani culture

Bratislavská 67, Brno

Taken from the magazine WHERE in Brno →